How Fast Trees Grow?

Trees come in various species and to be precise, there are 60,000 of them in the whole planet. Each tree is unique in their features and also, their time to grow. This matter is actually a good content for YouTube videos especially if the channel is just starting and partner it as you buy YouTube views to make it look a lot more credible among audience.

What Affect a Tree’s Growth?

On the meantime, the timeline for a tree’s growth is a question that carries so many answers. Like what is mentioned, there are diverse tree species. Nevertheless, there are 2 main aspects that affect its growth and these are:

  1. The type of tree
  2. The location of the tree

Therefore, there are some trees that can go extremely fast and slow. So the question is, what’s the average timeframe for a tree to grow in a year? Generally, warmer climates are promoting faster growth whereas areas with colder climates results to slower tree growth.

Tree species that are planted and growing near the equator may grow several meters in a year. In such location, it may take around 10 to 20 years for a new tree to grow in full. Young trees on the other hand especially those in Northern latitude record grow slowly. They barely increase by 2 meters in a year. In Boreal parts of Canada and some parts of Europe as well, it may take 80 to 120 years for a tree to reach maturity.

Where is it Planted?

Additionally, there are factors around the location of a tree that may influence its growth. To give you an example, a tree that has been planted in shades can grow slower compared to trees that are planted in an open sunlight even if they’re just few yards apart. In another scenario, a tree that’s planted on the top of mountain may grow faster or slower than trees that are planted at the bottom.

For example in trees that are planted in equator, it offers longer growing season among trees compared to those that are latitudinal areas. In equatorial regions where sunlight is abundant, it is extremely helpful for trees to grow. Sunlight is bringing heat and this helps in facilitating faster growth.